Ideas of Shoulder Computer ( by H. & S. KUBOTA,MD.PhD.)
Warning !!    Intelligence ownership !!
 Kubota proposed a portable computer in 1987, and at this time a new type portable
computer was born called a Shoulder Computer. The Shoulder Computer can be freely
used not only on a desk but also while standing, walking,and other active situations. It
outperforms the previous portable computer in terms of portability and operation as a
high-performance PC. Before the concept of the Shoulder Computer,there was only
a pocket computer for use in active situations. However,the pocket computer dose not
provide good performance and can be used only for limited applications.The basic con-
struction of the Shoulder Computer consists of the main body to wear on the shoulder,
and a keyboard and display which operate on the hand. This basic construction enables
use of the PC in active situations. The Shoulder Computer has the same efficiency as a
notebook-type computer; it can be used like a pocket computer under active situations
and like a workstation under static situatons with high flexibility. The Shoulder Computer
has the most useful shape for a PC with the same performance of a notebook-type com-
puter in any situations.
 The purpose of using the computer is mainly for information control and analysis by on-
line and network systems. In recent years, the efficiency of the PC has progressed the
same as an old office computer. Then,personal work can be finished efficiently at a desk.
Especially, the 38 bit portable computer is controlled by specific robotic operations. Beca-
use the Shoulder Computer can be used in any situations, it gives full play to the robot and
machine controls in any place.
 On the other hand, an artificial reality becomes familiar for advancement of the high per-
formance computer. Artificial reality can be applied to many fields, and the medical field
expects positive utilization. We have proposed an active system which integrates each of
artificial realities through built-in artificial realities in the system. In addition, the system
aims at correcting working method most effective way for outputs reciprocal time-process-
ing change and space-time analyses through the network. We tentatively call this system
a hyper-system.
                                        H & S Kubota

since 1986*1987